Where can I find accurate information about COVID-19 Coronavirus?

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Health and the Centers from Disease Control are consistently updating information about COVID-19 on their websites. You can visit their websites below:

PA Department of Health

Centers for Disease Control

Is DASD closing the schools in response to COVID-19?

We will continue to follow the guidance of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Health including the steps needed to keep our students and staff safe and healthy, which is always our top priority. The current risk level for our school community is considered low. However, if public health officials update our schools’ risk level, the school community can expect to hear an update from Derry Area School District regarding potential next steps. All decisions will be made in coordination with public health officials. Please take time to update your contact information at the local school level to ensure you receive any updated communications regarding COVID-19.

How will we be notified about changed in school schedules or closures

As news around COVID-19 coronavirus seems to be rapidly evolving, it is essential to rely on accurate, timely information from the school system regarding school closures. All official announcements will be made on the Derry Area Schools website, via the Derry Area Schools Facebook page, and through our notification system. Please check one or more of these sources for updates regarding future information.